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Having started Chit Chat with my son, Jonathan Carr 3 months ago we have realised that not everyone feels comfortable coming to Bedfords on a Monday night for a Chit Chat...


So Jonny and his friend Jake have come up with this idea; - CHIT CHAT - THE MENTAL HEALTH PODCAST


After a couple weeks of discussion and planning Jake 'Skinnyman' Grimmer and myself have decided to embark on a new journey towards better mental health. After spending Monday nights at Chit Chat for the past couple months talking amongst ourselves, and with others who attended, about mental health and it’s effects on daily life, we thought why not share these conversations with others and broaden our topic of discussion with the hope that it may benefit people we know, and even those we don’t.

So with that being said, some time in the near future we are going to be launching “Chit Chat: The Mental Health Podcast” featuring conversations about our past experiences with mental health, guest speakers and more. No one is alone when it comes to mental health and every problem shared is a problem halved so we’re hoping one podcast at a time we can do our part to break the stigma surrounding mental health and give people some thing to relate to so their own issues become a little less daunting.

If this is something that you’d be interested in, if you’d like to be a guest on the podcast or would like us to cover anything specific that may help you then feel free to contact either of us on here or email me on jonathan@bedfordsbar.co.uk

As a father of a son who has witnessed mental health all my life, with my father being a registered schizophrenic and dealing with my own son's mental health journey it seems really the right time to share our experiences.

I'm really proud that Jonny along with his friend Jake are putting themselves out there in order to try and help others.

Any shares of this post would help us all to be able to connect with people who may benefit from this podcast.

Watch this space.

CHIT CHAT - EPISODE 2 'anxiety and apprehension'

CHIT CHAT - EPISODE 3 'the evolution of men's mental health'

CHIT CHAT - EPISODE 4 'the the highs and lows of bipolar'



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A social chit chat on a Monday evening 7-11pm